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Spotlight On Danny Rivera

When we were introduced to  Danny we were blown away by his passion  to make a difference in peoples lives with his music. This young artist is intensely focused on a mission that  takes up  a fight to end bullying through  music and political communication.  Danny is  making some really tremendous strides which include the respect of local and national politicians.  We are proud to present his profile in our spotlight series and urge you to explore his links included at the end of the article.

We asked Danny to tell us about himself and his music.

DR: I grew up in Suffolk County. Being around the music industry since I was a kid because my Dad Eddie “Rocky” Rivera was involved in the music industry and worked various artists and actors. My Dad early on used to take me to see his shows while he performed. At the age of 7 is when I started to develop my own interest in the music. At the age of 15 is when I released my first single “It’s Weird” in the UK it sold over 30,000 download. As time went on I had worked with several artists to name a couple Papoose and Etcetera(Universal). Since then I have gone on into the acting industry and have worked on several Indie Films. 

A year ago I worked for a company called Raystar Film and Production Inc. as the Music Co Producer for a film called “The Right To Live”. This powerful dramatic film is about all different types of abuses. Two Powerful Woman Nancy Vazquez and Michele Frantzeskos are the Writers, Directors and Producers they want to spread awareness and provide solutions to leading a productive life. I have had the privilege to work with them and help make a difference in the world. 

One certain abuse that is showcased in the film is “BULLYING”,  and myself collaborated and wrote a anti bully song that is positive to teach kids to not give in and let them win. This song is called Asking myself  the performers for this song is   myself Danny “Enjetic” Rivera. Founder of Asking Myself . and myself started an anti bully campaign called ASking Myself Association “. In the past year we all have visited several schools all over the Tri State area and New Jersey speaking to children about bullying and performing Im for the children. The incredible support in my hometown which led me to receive an award February 2013 from Ed Romaine and Dan Pannico from The Town of Brookhaven in Suffolk County for helping raise awareness in my community about bullying. It was an honor to receive such a prestigious award for  Asking Myself  and immaturity . This positive song is known overseas as well. We are in the process of trying to make it a National Campaign to help kids across the world. 

I continue to march forward with this and spent over 300 hours doing community service in Hospitals, Youth Groups and Churches speaking to children about this. I received an award from the Youth Bureau of Suffolk County in Long Island for “Youth Bureau of the Year Award” from the Town of Brookhaven. I thank Suffolk County for believing in this campaign called Asking Myself Association 

“Asking Myself” is an anti work bully song that I wrote and sang a few months ago. This song is about teaching everyone in the work field about Bullying. Since then I placed everything in process to make an anti work bully campaign. The Town of Brookhaven have asked me to be a part of there Latin Committee and I am the youngest being 24 years old to be a part of it. It is an honor and I am grateful given this opportunity to make a difference in peoples lives. I have spoken to several support groups and committees to really enforce this anti work bully campaign. Helping the world see how abuse of any kind affects the children, woman and men in the world. Change needs to happen. I am blessed to be a part of this change.


Asking Myself Facebook Page

Official You Tube Video For “Asking Myself”


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