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Mark Pinkus Interview: The Sound Of Passion

We were pleased to conduct this telephone interview with Canadian new age artist Mark Pinkus.  Mark’s music beautifully reflects his  passion for nature and beauty in what he calls “sound paintings” or “stories without words”.  In this interview we discussed his life’s work and what’s coming next.  We also discus the upcoming Grammy awards nominations and the business of music.  Mark has created a recognizable image and a loyal fan base by masterfully utilizing social media and independent distribution services giving himself worldwide distribution and recognition.  We found this interview to be particularly inspiring and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

May you be inspired!

About The Interviewer:

Thomas Mangano is a composer and a performer living on Long Island, NY.  He is the owner of a production services company that provides music, soundscapes and effects to  professionals in  film and media industries.  He is  also the founding member of the  Boutcher/Mangano Jazz Trio and currently serves as the Music Director for the Custer Observatory.

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About Thomas Mangano

Musician, Composer, Columnist


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