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Press Release For Swung (Members Of Focus)

For Immediate Release
Focus Members Release Double Instrumental Album Under the Name Swung!
London, UK – SWUNG is an improvisational trio featuring members of the Dutch progressive rock bandFOCUS. This set collects together to tour only CD VOL. 1 and the new album VOL. 2 which was completed in SEPTEMBER 2014.VOL. 1 features bassist BOBBY JACOBS, drummer PIERRE VAN DER LINDEN and former guitarist NIELS VAN DER STEENHOVEN

.VOL. 2 features bassist BOBBY JACOBS, drummer PIERRE VAN DER LINDEN and current guitarist MENNO GOOTJES.

These innovative instrumentals include elements fans will recognise along with new and experimental directions.

The VOL. 2 line-up will be on tour again with FOCUS in late 2014 and throughout 2015.

Producer and bass player Bobby Jacobs described the two discs as: “These are studio versions of all the fun we have always during our Focus soundchecks, often before Father Focus (Thijs van Leer) arrives. We always start to play from zero and this is what happens! Enjoy!”
The very first review on Amazon reads: This CD is fantastic. Thanks to the 3 Focus guys for this initiative. This CD captures the true adventurous spirit of the original Focus. All tracks blend well in each other.  This is a must have for all Focus fans… (I’ve been a fan of Focus for almost 45 years). This release easily levels with Focus 2 & 3.
The album is available from the below links:
Amazon US:
iTunes Vol. 1:
iTunes Vol. 2:
Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA),

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