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Spotlight On Herman Rarebell

We spoke with iconic rock drummer Herman Rarebell, about his time with  The Scorpions and his latest music and book projects.  Herman is on the go with a packed touring schedule, all new acoustic versions of Scorpion hits and a rare passion for the performance that fans will truly appreciate.  As one of the defining rock groups of the 80’s, The Scorpions churned out multiple hits that now live on as classics. Nearly two decades later, Herman has reworked that music into a fresh and creative body of work that will no doubt live on side by side with the original classics.  We were proud to feature Herman in our Spotlight Series and encourage you to visit Herman’s official site to catch up on old times and see what this remarkable artist is up to!

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LBFH: How did you come to join the Scorpions?

HR: Back in 1977 I was living in England when Michael Schenker told me that his brother’s band needed a drummer. I went and did the audition and got the job!

LBFH: Was the band receptive to your breaking out as a solo artist?

HR: They all understood my passion for musical projects outside the band, so they let me do my thing as long as it didn’t disturb any Scorpion plans.

LBFH: What prompted you to write an autobiography?

HR: You know, I’ve been playing music now for over 50 years. 20 of those years were spent touring the world with the Scorpions. I just felt like there was a lot to say about those times and other experiences.

LBFH: What was the reaction of friends and fellow musicians when your autobiography came out?

HR: So far very positive! They all like the book, that makes me very happy.

LBFH: What is one of the most controversial stories in your book?

HR: I guess that would be the story abut the US-Festival. Enough said.

LBFH: What was the inspiration for Acoustic Fever?

HR: I always thought it would be interesting to play all the songs I wrote or co-wrote with the Scorpions in an acoustic style.

LBFH: Was this album a great departure for you?

HR: Not really, my real departure was in 1996. This album was more fun really. It was great to play the different songs using different lead singers.

LBFH: How has the rock scene changed for you?

HR: Everything is much better today, it seems like it’s a much easier thing to organize. Also there are many more forms of rock today which makes it very exciting.

LBFH: Where do you see your music going from here?

HR: I really see myself as a live player and hope to be playing to my fans all over the world for as long as I can.
LBFH: Does touring still hold the same magic for you, it looks like 2015 is pretty packed up with gigs?

HR: Yes! I love touring and I love audience interaction. For me the magic is still there.

LBFH: What do you hope to leave behind you as an artist and a musician?

HR: Good memories, good music and that I made people happy with my music.

LBFH: What is your favorite song to perform live?

HR: Rock You Like A Hurricane!

LBFH: Have you ventured into other percussion styles?

HR: Yes, I’ve worked out a lot of things with drum legends.

LBFH: How do you see yourself as an artist?

HR: I play with my heart and soul, always.

LBFH: What legacy do you hope to leave behind you as an artist and a musician?

HR: That people remember me, my body of work – my music, for a long time!

LBFH: What are some of the things you are passionate about outside of music?

HR: Apart from music, I like outdoor sports.


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