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Press Release For Gong

For Immediate Release Gong Expresso’s New Album “Decadence” Available For Pre-Order! Featuring Gong Alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe! Montreal – Gong Expesso featuring Gong alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe with guitarist Julien Sandiford’s new album titled “Decadence” is now available for pre-order! Says Hansford, “ ‘Decadence’ is the title … Continue reading

Press Release For Magma

For Immediate Release French Music Legends Magma’s Critically Acclaimed 1975 “Magma Live” Album Remastered With Bonus Tracks Remastered 2-CD In DigiPack – contains Booklet with text & lyrics – original recordings & bonus tracks Paris – Much to the excitement of Magma fans worldwide, the band’s critically acclaimed 1975 live album “Magma Live” has been … Continue reading

Press Release For Magma 2017

For Immediate Release   French Music Legends Magma Release Remastered “Wurdah Ïtah” Featuring Unreleased Material!   Featuring 25 minutes of previously unreleased material!   Paris, France – French music legends Magma have released a new remastered version of their critically acclaimed 1974 album“Wurdah Ïtah” on CD! The release includes for the first time, “Wurdah Ïtah … Continue reading

Sound Views – Fred Frith Interview

Fred Frith is the thinking musician’s guitarist.  Best known for his strange and beautiful guitar improvisations with the 70’s Avant-garde bands Henry Cow and Art Bears,  Frith has navigated a long and prolific career  that has fearlessly flown below the music industry’s radar.   Always unconventional and frequently controversial, his unique music continues to appear in numerous productions  with surprising variety.  Employed by filmmakers, choreographers, … Continue reading

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