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Spotlight On Odin’s Court

Odin’s Court Matt Brookins Talks about his band creation and their newest release, Turtles All The Way Down. Formed in 2001 by Brookins, this Maryland based band now boasts 4 major CD releases accompanied by U.S. tours. The band is motivated, wildly creative and driven by passion, an indestructible combination. Definitely one to watch! May … Continue reading

Spotlight On Herman Rarebell

We spoke with iconic rock drummer Herman Rarebell, about his time with  The Scorpions and his latest music and book projects.  Herman is on the go with a packed touring schedule, all new acoustic versions of Scorpion hits and a rare passion for the performance that fans will truly appreciate.  As one of the defining rock groups of … Continue reading

Spotlight On David Kilminster

We had the pleasure to interview guitar virtuoso David Kilminster for our spotlight series. David is perhaps best known for his touring work with Roger Waters (Dark Side Of The Moon & The Wall) and Keith Emerson, however his latest solo effort ‘…and THE TRUTH will set you free…’ reveals a brilliant and soulful artist who is not shy … Continue reading

Spotlight On Ewan Dobson

With a fierce sense of eloquent purpose, master guitarist Ewan Dobson appears on world competition stages, international performance tours and major awareness fundraisers.  His busy schedule makes him very difficult to pin down in one place, but it is precisely that hyper-drive sensibility of motion and creativity that makes him one of the most intriguing emerging artists today. … Continue reading

Mark Pinkus Interview: The Sound Of Passion

2014 Telephone Interview With Canadian New Age Artist Mark Pinkus On His Career, Hi sPassion & His Music. Continue reading

Spotlight On Pamela Betti

Our Spotlight Series focuses on the best and brightest local performers who are defining the Long Island music scene at the front line.   With  uncompromising integrity and a passion for originality, Pamela Betti is perhaps one of the most recognizable artists gigging on the Long Island scene. With an impressive appearance schedule and song credits, Pamela was also recently … Continue reading

Spotlight On Joe Rock

Our Spotlight Series continues with this illuminating and inspirational interview with Joe Rock, one of Long Islands most prolific and colorful performers.  Joe is a great example of how local musicians can manage a successful music career using grass roots campaigning, social media and great networking skills.  He portrays an image that is  professional and confident.  As … Continue reading

Spotlight On Danny Rivera

When we were introduced to  Danny we were blown away by his passion  to make a difference in peoples lives with his music. This young artist is intensely focused on a mission that  takes up  a fight to end bullying through  music and political communication.  Danny is  making some really tremendous strides which include the … Continue reading

Spotlight On Harmony Keeney

Gracing some of the hottest venues in New York, Jazz singer Harmony Keeney is redefining just how far an artist can go on the “local” scene.  Leveraging  great talent and a highly stylized image, this rising star  creates a  true  first class act.  Harmony’s unique character and honesty inspired us  and we’re proud to put … Continue reading

Spotlight On Marci Geller

Recording artist Marci Geller  shares some words of wisdom and encouragement! Marci rarely needs an introduction in New York as she reaches thousands of listeners every year, but has also reached  millions of viewers nationally through television & radio appearances.  We asked Marci to speak on her methods for building a successful career in music … Continue reading

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